Monday, July 28, 2008


Ok so today wasn't quite as bad as I imagined it to be.

We get to keep the office until tomorrow, which saves me the headache of trying to submit paperwork from my mini-computer desk in my apartment. It also saves me the headache of going without a phone, because tomorrow the phone man is coming. And the internet man is coming the next day, so all is well :D

Plus there are lots of strong men who came and moved everything today while I sat in my air-conditioned office checking my email.

Not a bad day :D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have to go through this AGAIN?

So...I was just informed my office is moving. No big deal, right? Except that when I originally got here it took a week to get internet and phone set up. I can't really go through that right now...Oh well. Corporate will just have to do without my audits on Tuesday unless they want to convince the AT&T man that he really can do same-day service. On Monday. After I cart all my computers, faxes, tables, boxes, paperwork, chairs, and stickies all the way across town and up three flights of stairs. I don't even want to start thinking about what's going to happen when FedEx comes to deliver equipment when the office is all the way on the other side of the complex and up three flights of stairs from the garage. Whatever. I guess this is life.

I blame Cathy

20 years ago I was...
1. 3 years old, getting ready to move to Mapleton

10 years ago I was...
1. Getting ready for Junior High
2. Still holding on to that 8-year crush
3. Reading a TON

5 years ago I was...
1. Packing for college for the first time (took all summer, too)
2. Drawing a TON
3. Working at Wats and chatting on MSN until 3 a.m.

3 years ago I was...
1. Working at Pinnacle for the first time
2. Organizing my bedroom so I can look at all my books at once
3. Missing my roommates

1 year ago I was...
1. Living in Portland
2. Hating work
3. Getting ready to student teach

So far this year...
1. Had the worst day of my life so far
2. Left the continent for the first time
3. Had more good experiences with my husband than can ever be described

Yesterday I...
1. Made the most beautiful banan muffins I've ever seen
2. Cuddled with my husband
3. Watched an AMAZING movie (The Illusionist: if you haven't seen it, SEE IT!)

Today I...
1. Stretched and did FIVE pushups! 1up from yesterday haha I'm out of shape
2. Completed all my work requirements within 2 1/2 hours
3. Listened to Journey

Tomorrow I will...
1. Hang out with Heather for the last time :(
2. Go to church
3. Play my violin (there, I committed)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail Day!

It's fun to live away from home, but it's annoying to get important mail a month after it was important.

I have been having the biggest headache with AFLAC all summer. We had it set up to be withdrawn from our credit card, which was fine until the card expired. I didn't get a call or an email or anything, I got a letter. At my parents' house in Utah. I called them once I realized I hadn't been charged, and that call started the downward slope of my financial summer.

1st call - May 2008
Me: Can I change my direct deposit info? My credit card that the payments have been coming from has expired.
AFLAC: Sure no problem. We'll need to get 3 months of payment from you to get that set up again. I can take that over the phone whenever you're ready.
Me: 3 months? I'm not quite that rich right now. Can I call you in a few weeks after we get paid?
AFLAC: That won't be a problem. Call us back and we'll take your payment over the phone from your credit card and get your direct withdrawal set back up.

2nd call - June 2008
Me: I'm just calling to pay my 3 month premium so I can get set back up on direct withdrawal. Can you take that over the phone?
AFLAC: No and I don't know who told you we could. We need you to send in a check for 2 months of payment and once that's been processed we'll be able to set you up on direct withdrawal from a bank account. We can't set it up through a credit card.
Me: I'm worried because my payment is due in a few days; will it be late if I mail it in?
AFLAC: It just needs to be postmarked before it's due. Send in 2 months of payment for each policy and we'll process that and get you set up on direct withdrawal.

3rd call - July 2008
Me: I sent in a check a few weeks ago for 2 months of payment so I could get set up on direct withdrawal. They said to call back after a few weeks so it could have time to process. Could you check the status and help me get set up on direct withdrawal?
AFLAC: Well it looks like we have your one policy, but the other two were cancelled for lack of payment.
Me:...can you fix that? I sent in 2 months of payment for all three policies.
AFLAC: It looks like you did but they applied it all to the first policy. Let me get that fixed. I'm also going to fax you a sheet you need to fill out to get set up on direct withdrawal. Fax that back and we can get it processed right away.

4th call - Today
Me: Um...I just got a check for an overage payment to my policy. This money was supposed to be transferred to my other two policies so they would no longer be cancelled.
AFLAC: Looks like you're right. Let me get that fixed.
Me: I'm also checking to see if my direct withdrawal was set up.
AFLAC: We need you to send in 2 months of payment and then we can set that up for you.

Are you serious? This is the first time I've ever gotten the run-around from a company before, and it's kind of annoying. The biggest problem is it's not something I can just say "Well forget YOU loserface" and cancel, because I need to cash in on these policies for all this time and trouble to be worth it. *sigh* At least the lady I talked to today sounded completely competent and gave me my ticket number and everything, so hopefully we'll get this straightened out once and for all.


Our phone bill was also late in May for the same reason. Checking accounts FTW!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman and all his fans

We went and saw the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight" with all the techs last night at midnight. It was way cool. I highly recommend it. I wanted to chat about it for a while, but I know pretty much no one has seen it yet, so I'll save that for later. But I really liked the movie. The only disappointment I'm feeling right now is that they're going to get someone NOT Heath Ledger to play Joker in the next movie, and the new person will NOT be as amazing as he was in this movie. It's just impossible.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Contact info anyone?

I'm so sad. One of my biggest reasons for making this blog is to keep people updated on my life, especially people I know I'll never see again but I know they care. Example: my cooperating teacher from student teaching.

So I sent out this email to everyone, specifically Mrs. Lloyd, and her address was one of the three that didn't go through! The only email I had for her was her school address, and my conclusion was she had retired. I called the school to find out and I guess their house sold super fast and they moved to Boise. She retired at the end of the year that I was her student teacher! I'm so glad I got to work with her before she left, but I've lost contact now and it makes me sad.

So what do you do? How do you find someone online who probably isn't online? Hehe. I'm so 21st century I can't even send a card or anything? I guess...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

L2blog nub

I've never been very good at this, but it looks fun. It will probably be more entertaining when I have more to share, but for now I think I have enough friends on blogspot that want to know what's happening with me and my husband as far as where we live currently and what our future plans I'll give it a shot. Commence intro blog of boringness.

We just had our 2 year anniversary of when we physically met in person for the first time. We spent it closing tickets. How romantic :D We've been married for 18 months on Friday, and it's just been wonderful. I can't begin to explain how much I love being married, and for those of you who are you already know what I'm talking about so I don't really have to. We have such a wonderful life together and each day is special because we get to be with each other.

Right now we're living in Grand Prairie, Texas, right between Dallas and Fort Worth. We're down here working with Pinnacle Security; Richard is managing the installers for the office and I'm managing everything else :D It's been really good and we've had a lot of fun with the people down here. Richard has had a few off days because of things he's had to deal with that he shouldn't...He's had about five techs thrown at him who aren't quite up to snuff. They don't do very clean work and they cause morale and other problems in the office. He had to fire two of them, and the most recent is causing him a lot of stress. So yesterday wasn't a very good day, but today is a chance to make everything better, right? I think today will be swell.

We'll be back in Provo/Mapleton just before BYU starts this fall, and we definitely want to get together with everyone who lives close by. We've really missed all our friends and the time that we actually had to sit down and socialize. This job takes a lot out of you, and you never really get a summer break. I'm glad we had a few months off before we came down here so we could hang out with some of our good friends and have a lot of fun with them, and we're really looking forward to more such fun times.

Anyways I should probably be working. I just wanted to try this out and see what happens, see if I like it, see if it's a waste of time or what. I'd like to put up some pictures, but we left the camera battery in Utah so that's not going to happen.