Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely tiiiime

Ok so I fail at blogging.

I got a new job. Well, first I went back and worked for the lovely Kim until she hired Eliza's third replacement. This one looks like she might last ;) I like working for Kim but I also get tired of it really fast. Once she hired Amanda my position changed to that of filing clerk 2 hrs a day to work around my other job. This eventually became somewhat ridiculous to me, because once Amanda was trained Aubrey had nothing to do and I was doing her job. So I managed to sneak away just after Christmas, which is an improvement from the last time I worked for her. She hired me strictly for March, and I worked halfway through April. So I'm well pleased this time around :D

Anyway my new job. I work for Raser Technologies, who you've probably never heard of, but someday you will. We are a geothermal power company, which is the next big idea in renewable energy. We have well pumps that pump water from under the earth up into a turbine where it is heated then cooled then returned to the earth. Somewhere in that the steam turns into energy which we will be selling to Anaheim once everything is up and running. In the meantime we're about $57000000 in debt. How do I know this? Because I work in accounting. That's right, I'm putting my English major to good work and processing invoices day in and day out for the next few weeks. It's good times :D

So I do a couple different things. I get the mail & sort through to get all the invoices. I open the invoices and stamp them for processing. Then I make copies. Then I try to match them to their purchase orders, which are in a different department and are usually a few weeks behind. Then I send them up to get signatures. And that's all I do. Mostly it's a lot of copy making. I also help Wendy with whatever she needs, which right now is calling people about accruals. I still don't know what that means, but I can call people no problem :D

Ok that was boring. On to more exciting news: I GOT MY PRAXIS SCORES!!! That's another story...

I took the Praxis in November and understood from EVERYTHING I read on the website along with everything the proctors told me that my scores would be snail mailed to me in about four weeks. There was something about viewing them online, but they would also be mailed. Sounds about right, except that four weeks came and went and I never got my scores. Sometime around Christmas I checked online and I could view my scores and I found out I passed, but I didn't have time to print them because I was just checking my email on my way out the door. I figured I'd print them later. I didn't think the link would die after one use, but it did. So I just figured I'd wait a few more weeks and see if my scores ever came.

Two weeks ago I finally called the Praxis people to ask when I'd get my scores. They told me that since I registered online I could only view my scores online, they wouldn't be mailed to me. Huh? I looked online while I was talking to the person and it said my scores would be mailed to me. I told the guy that and he was very helpful when he said "oh yeah we need to fix that." The bottom line is that I could view my scores online for one month, which ended the day before I called. So I was completely out of luck and my only option was to pay $40 to have my free test scores mailed to me. Ridiculous. I told the guy that I'd checked online every day for a month and the link only worked the one time, and he said "Well that's too bad, but you should have called us yesterday. Today I can't help you." So I hung up and started crying. Hey, I'm pregnant.

So Richard called them back and talked to a non-stupid person who worked it out so they could mail me my scores, which they should have done in the first place. And I got them yesterday! I can finally get certified as a teacher!

Other updates...Richard is trying to get into a study-abroad program to Vienna for the fall! How cool would that be? He's trying to work it out so I can come with the baby too. I really hope that works out because 3 months without a husband would stink a lot.