Thursday, August 28, 2008

Once again and finally

I think it's all out in the open - We're pregnant!

11 weeks yesterday, due March 18th, and I think it's a boy.

Any name suggestions? Hehe :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ima do the things that I wanna do

I am very happy to be leaving Texas in three days.

Cool things about Texas:
I'm rarely cold
The people are really friendly
Black people EVERYWHERE
Walmart is a block away
I'd say Braum's, but I still haven't been there.

Dumb things about Texas:
My family is 1000 miles away
Richard's is 1200 miles away
It's a LOOOOOONG drive
We don't have AC in our cars OR our apartment
The swimming pool is beautiful, but there's no time.
I left DDR at home :(
It's so hot you lose motivation to do anything

No really, it's been a great summer, but I am SO happy to be going home. Richard is super duper excited to get back into school, and I know he'll be so great. He's such a great student. Better than I ever was :D And I just got set up to be a sub again and that's really exciting.

I might work at Pinnacle corporate. Maybe. If it pays better than subbing. Like a lot better because it's twice the drive.

I'm also getting ready to audition for the Nebo Philharmonic Orchestra, and I am SO EXCITED! I haven't been in an orchestra for 5 years, and not a serious one for 7. My poor violin is so neglected that the last time I pulled it out to play it took half an hour to tune. I'm really glad to be getting back into music again. I subbed for my old orchestra teacher a couple times last winter and it really made me want to teach orchestra. Hopefully I can get into something like that. One thing at a time, though, and first things first I gotta pass my German praxis.

So for all you Utah people in the Provo area, we'll be back next week and we should play!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This spaghetti tastes weird

I don't understand it. I always make spaghetti the same. But this batch tastes

Anyways here are some recent events:

I went to Amethyst's wedding! Well, I was late for the wedding (never flying American Airlines again, don't worry) but I got to go to the wedding luncheon, which was fun. Her husband's dad or somebody made everything and it was really yummy. He made deviled eggs, which Richard actually enjoyed, and they were so cute I just had to keep eating them. He must have squeezed the yellow stuff out of a frosting tube and then he put a little sprig of parsley on each egg. So cute!

After that we took a nice nap (we got 3 hours of sleep the night before and were planning for the same the coming night) before driving 3 hours the stupid way to Kirksville. It was quite an adventure because Richard's phone died and mine was out of minutes and we seriously drove through a monsoon. And on a road that contained a lake, which set us back half an hour. Don't worry, we drove back to St. Louis the right way, no matter how dumb the gps thought we were. It actually thought we were in Wisconsin at one point.

The reception was really nice. They had M&Ms! When have you ever seen M&Ms at a reception? I thought it was absolutely brilliant. They had a really traditional reception (which I guess should be expected, even if mine wasn't) with a daddy-daughter dance and drinking sherbet in wine glasses and everything. It was actually a double reception because her brother got married a week earlier, so they both cut the cake and everything.

Amethyst's dress was beautiful, and very Amethyst. I'll post pictures once I feel like it.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, even if Richard was stressing about work the whole time. Everything worked out well in the end, so it was okay.

On a not so happy note, Richard ended up firing one of his techs yesterday. Bad day. And then he woke up at 4 to drive his boss to the airport, so he didn't get enough sleep and is kind of sick because of it. Today will be better because it's already about twice as slow as yesterday, so he might be home before midnight. Maybe we'll even be able to go out to eat or something with all the techs, now that we really are all family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I spoke too soon.

My week in review:

Tuesday - Pretty okay day. Got the phone hooked up just fine, moved everything upstairs, submitted okay, spent the rest of the day chillin' with Richard at home. Not a bad day. No internet at work, but I'm sure it will be up by tomorrow like they said it would.

Wendesday - Called AT&T to find out when exactly the internet would be up so I could let my boss know. Was told before 5. Got a call AT 5 saying it was up. Raced over to the office to check. No such luck.

Thursday - Called AT&T to find out why the internet wasn't turned on yesterday. They did some line tests and whatnot and said everything should be fine. They said they'd send a tech out to check the line and if he needed to come in he'd call me. Left them with THREE numbers to call. Received a call around 5 saying everything was fine and the internet should be up. Raced over to the office to check. Still no internet.

Friday - Called AT&T to find out why no tech came over to fix my internet. They said they'd have one out before 5. Heard that before...They actually sent two, and one of them was the nice man who hooked up the phone both times. I was satisfied, although the internet wasn't working. The internet tech said I needed to call our account manager at AT&T because they turned on the internet in the wrong apartment because the housing guy didn't switch the order. No problemo. Called the housing man and I guess his weekend starts at 3 p.m. on Fridays cuz he was already gone. No internet for the whole weekend I guess. Oh well.

Saturday - My stack of paperwork is getting out of control.

Monday - Called the housing man first thing and had him call AT&T to fix the internet problem. I then spent the ENTIRE day on the phone with various tech support people from AT&T getting the internet switched to the right apartment and then getting it set up so it would actually work. Internet started working at 5 p.m. Someone else was using it for an hour and a half, so I started auditing at about 7:30 and finished at 11:30. Disgusting.

Tuesday - Bad day to go out of town, but a beautiful wedding nonetheless :D The phone stopped working, but the internet still worked.

Wednesday - Called AT&T to find out why the phone wasn't working. They said a tech would be out before 5 to look at it. I informed them that this is a business run solely off the phone and they needed to hurry and that I was already upset with them about not having internet for a week. They said no worries that it would be fixed. I got a call saying it was fixed around 5. Too bad it wasn't. Now I'm REALLY mad. I called them to request another tech and complain about how it wasn't working still. They were apologetic and promised a tech between 8 and noon the next day. I gave them THREE numbers to call.

Thursday - Called at 12:30 wondering where the tech was. They told me he picked up the order fifteen minutes ago. Called at 2:30 wondering where the tech was. They told me he wasn't granted access to the apartment because no one answered the door. I yelled at the guy and told him to send that tech back. I'd been waiting by the door ALL DAY for this stupid tech, and he did NOT knock on the door. Nor did anyone call me on any of my THREE phone numbers. He said he'd call me back. He didn't. Meanwhile, the tech finally called Richard's cell. He said it would be $100 to fix the phone and he couldn't go past the front desk until he had a signed order and $100. Richard, let me remind you, is a tech. And he knows how techs are supposed to do business. He ripped the guy a new one for being a jerk and not doing his job. We've had techs out several times and they've never pulled something like this. The tech hung up on him. Richard spent the rest of the day on the phone with AT&T trying to get the guy fired. Turns out there was an order put in to turn off our phone for some unknown reason. They turned it back on finally.

Friday went off without a hitch.

I'm never EVER dealing with AT&T ever again.