Thursday, November 13, 2008

So many happenings, so little internet...

Alright. Now that we FINALLY have internet in our new place, I shall make a post.

So. I was laid off last week, and I've been trying to get a new job ever since. Do you know how hard it is to get a job for 5 months? Especially when you're trying to find a receptionist-type job. Oh well. I had an interview today and I applied to a few other places, so hopefully something will happen soon. In the meantime, I started working on a baby blanket! It's going to be nice :D I went with purple instead of pink because I just don't really like pink. Plus I know I'm going to get enough pink stuff from other people.

We moved to Provo a few weeks ago and that's been really nice. Free rent is always a plus, but living with my entire family just wasn't really working. Now we're closer to school for Richard and closer to Sam's Club for cheaper groceries and closer to my work, if I ever have a work...Plus we're in our own place for pretty good rent, and that was the whole idea.

Ok my media player isn't working. When I have it minimized on the toolbar the screen doesn't pop up anymore to tell me what song is playing. Any suggestions?

We've been kind of anti-photos lately - we've moved enough times in the past year to have lost several key elements to our electronics collections, the most mentionable being the charger for our camera battery. Add that to the fact that we lost it when the battery was dead...yeah, no pictures for a while. But I finally got a charger off ebay, and we're back in business :D Now I just have to figure out how to post pics on here...
Ha! Figured it out I have! Have at you! And another!

Ok that was adventurous.

Anyways so now that we have our own apartment we want to have game nights and dinners and things over here. So give me a holler if you're interested. And please give me at least one more day to find a couch first :D