Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Since we've been in Utah Richard has been going to school full time and doing homework when he's not in school, and I've been subbing occasionally while looking for another more permanent better paying job that has a more structured schedule. It's actually the most enjoyable job for me right now, and after today I really almost feel like becoming a real teacher. I still have to learn German before I can do that, but we're getting there.

Anyways I've had a headache with Pinnacle trying to get hired at corporate, and I just sent in my resume for the third time and I guess we'll see what happens there. I also have an interview for some office type job tomorrow, and I just got recruited to a data entry job in Orem which sounds very likeable as it ends in March...perfect timing no?

So that's that side of life. Other than that, we're living with the parents and not really enjoying our tiny bedroom. If any of you Provo-ites see a house for sale for under $100,000 you should tell me about it.

Oh and I'm still pregnant. Today is the first day of the second trimester! I'm 1/3 of the way done! And I'm still not really showing. Maybe I'll post some pics once I am. We'll see :D

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Ok so sometimes I forget I have a blog.

We're back in Utah! I love it here. We're living with my parents and EVERYONE else, so it's a pretty full house. We're pretty settled, just as long as none of our DVDs go missing in the next few months.

Richard is going to BYU. It's very exciting and pretty stressful for him right now. This is his first time doing full-time college and he's taking some pretty tuff classes. His first few days really sucked with all the homework and catchup work he had to do, not to mention how unused to 6 hours a day of calculus homework he has been. But today is better, and he's really enjoying all his classes and loves being busy all day.

I just got into the Nebo Philharmonic Orchestra this week. It's so exciting! I haven't been in an orchestra for 7 years, and this one is so great. I'm really glad he put me in the 2nd section because we're playing really hard pieces that I wasn't really expecting or ready for. I'm excited for our concerts. It's a really great group and my cousin and Rosey's sister are both in my section. I'm so happy to be in an orchestra again. I haven't had an excuse to play my violin for so many years that now I have a very long list of excuses to NOT play. I miss it a lot. So I'm glad to be jumping back in full force :D My fingers and back ached after the first rehearsal. Back to normal :D

Other than that...I'm almost through my first trimester. Which isn't really that exciting since my first trimester wasn't that bad. I was never sick and the only reason I know I'm pregnant is I'm absolutely starving all day. I just ate a huge bowl of cereal and I need another one. I'm really excited to be getting ready for a baby, though. Once I start showing I think I'll feel more pregnant though :D