Monday, October 4, 2010

Cute Rachel

My silly daughter. I must share a story from just barely.

Charlotte was sitting in the space ship, and Rachel running around. She came up with a game where she would run to Charlotte screaming, push the music button on the spaceship, then run back. I was sitting nearby watching and laughing, and eventually started peeking around the corner at her. This made her add an element to her game: She would tilt her head and try to run like that. She managed to avoid hitting the counters and continued her game for 3 or 4 more rounds before losing her balance and plopping down onto her tummy. It's a good thing she's so chubby, because her face didn't get smacked on the ground, and she just laughed her "that was a close one!" laugh and got up and continued the game. But this time around, after tilting her head and running toward Charlotte, she stopped, got on her knees, then lowered herself to the ground and put her hands to her mouth as though she had fallen, then laughed her "that was a close one!" laugh. What a goon. I love her :D