Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Kids Are Awesome

I don't write as often as I should. This is not a surprise. But last night was so epic that I had to share a few stories about my incredibly entertaining children, who apparently have a promising career ahead of them in waiting on people.

Last night Richard and I hosted his department's Christmas party. We had about 15 people, mostly those he worked with and a few spouses/family members/friends. Everyone brought so many goodies it kind of hurts my eyes to look at. The best treat, however, was the Jelly Bellies.

As you may know, my daughter has a fondness for older men. When we have guests over, she will usually pick a target and sit on his lap and spend the entire evening with him. Her first target was Greg, Richard's predecessor at The Home Depot. She asked him some questions to get to know him, and then started bringing him Jelly Bellies. She asked what his favorite color was, and would run in the kitchen to find a jelly bean in that color to bring to him.

After a while of this she realized there were other people in the room. She went back to the kitchen, returning with a huge handful of Jelly Bellies. She then walked around the room asking each person what their favorite color was and giving them a jelly bean in that color. She had to make multiple trips because her hands are small.

After a few rounds of passing out jelly beans I guess she got hungry herself. I fixed her up a little bowl of goodies and she enjoyed that for about two minutes. Then her next idea was born.

We were all sitting in a circle, chatting away, when here comes Rachel with a bowl of food. She walked up to the person next to me and handed her the bowl, then left. We discussed the event for a minute, trying to decide if she meant for the guest to take the entire bowl or just a handful out of it. Before we reached a conclusion, Rachel was back, with a bowl of goodies for the next person in the circle. It was filled with a different variety than the first bowl. She then proceeded to bring an individualized bowl of snacks to every person in the circle, with one exception.

Apparently as she was handing out Jelly Bellies, Kevin declined her offering on one round. The next round when she came around, she gave him a dirty look and skipped him, without offering anything. So when it came time to pass around the bowls of goodies, she again skipped Kevin. She came back later with a bowl for him, though.

At this point in the evening I guess Rachel had had enough of Greg, and moved on to befriend Chad. She sat in the chair right next to him and asked what kind of goodies he wanted. She ran into the kitchen to get him some treats, but when she came back someone else was sitting next to Chad. She whined for a few minutes until accommodations were made so she could continue sitting next to her new friend.

After a few people headed home, we broke out The Game of Things to be played in partners. We had an odd number of people, so there was one group of three. Rachel joined this group (since Chad was in it), making it four. She sat next to Chad with a DVD wrapped in tissue paper and a pen, and asked him what his name letters are. He carefully spelled his name for her as she wrote it out on the tissue paper. He then helped her write the names of the people around her, and she called over to me to find out what her name letters are.

The bottom line is, the party was a blast. Our kids stayed up way too late, ate way too many jelly beans, spilled way too many cups of cocoa, and won the hearts of all Richard's coworkers. I just love them.