Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mini Update

I've been really bad at blogging. Like terrible, really. I've been meaning to catch up for years, and it just hasn't happened. It's one of those things I keep putting off so that I can do it 100% "right", which, let's face it, I'm never going to have time for.

So prepare for several mini posts like this one in the future, because I've decided it's more important to record events when they happen before I forget than it is to record events in order or perfectly.

I just got back from dropping the kids off at tumbling. I'm so glad we decided to put them in! They are loving it, and they are improving their coordination and knowledge of/power over their bodies. I love seeing it. What I don't love is that now Rachel has the confidence to climb up onto the counter to pull dishes out of the cupboard, but not the common sense to keep herself from falling off! I cringed about 50 times in less than a minute today as she got out the plates for lunch and leaned waaaaay over the edge of the counter to hand them to Reuben. Oh children.

Every time I'm getting them ready to go, Reuben throws a fit for one reason or another. It's rarely that he doesn't want to go, but it always happens right as we're heading out the door. I don't want him to develop bad feelings towards tumbling, so I'm always concerned about this. I realized today, though, that he's always able to get over whatever it is by the time we get there, which shows how much he actually does love going, that he's happy once we're there. So again, I'm glad we made this decision. I'm also glad that now that my wild and crazy schedule is changing next month, I was able to work out things with the babysitter so I can still only take one official day off  a week but still keep the kids in tumbling!

As a final note, I just want to mention how funny Hannah's little sense of humor is. She seems very dry thus far - she doesn't smile much, but she obviously thinks certain things are funny. She just cracks me up all day long. I need to make a video of her when she's in a goofy mood, there's just no proper way to explain it otherwise. She's been grumpy for a few months, with various sicknesses and sleep training and then spontaneous binky weaning, and I think she's finally back to normal. Which thrills me :)

And now back to Christmas prep. Hopefully I'll post again soon :)